Saturday, March 2, 2013

Post Trip Back Observations

So my wife and I went back to the old church for my family friends funeral. They did a real nice job and his wife picked a hymn to sing where we actually had to use the hymnals for once. One thing I don't like at evangelical funerals that sometimes they turn into a praise service. At least that didnt happen here and they actually remebered the person who passed away.
Really the only thing I noticed was the pastor focused on all of the difficult resurrection passages and presented them like he knew absolutely what was going to happen when Christ comes back. Of course lots of premillinial dispenationalist rhetoric was injected into said speech. These guys also get there entire theological gameplan from Paul's writings taken literally in modern perspective.
Afterward we went out to the courtyard to offer the family our condolences and interacted with lots of people. We talked to several of the pastors at length and several of my parents friends who were there. It was sad in a way to see all of these people and realize we had left them all behind. I guess part of the pain of putting off dealing with a church situation that isnt right for your family is that you make friendships in the meantime.
I didnt want to go back at first but I am glad we did. It was nice too see people we havent seen in over a year and I think it let them know that we have no hard feelings.

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