Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Using YouTube as an apprenticeship

I had always wanted to be able to rebuild an automatic transmission. I tried to do a turbo 400 in high school and failed miserably. Now that I was restoring an old mustang and wanted an aod in it I figured I would try again.

I went to the junkyard and bought a core transmission for 50 bucks and bought a rebuild kit. Then I found a video that had a guy rebuilding the same transmission. I ordered a couple of tools to aid in reassembling the clutch packs and went to work. I air tested everything and it worked.

Since the car is several years out from being a daily driver I rebuilt the transmission in my dads truck just to see if I could check my results quicker. Sure enough it worked.

I guess the average joe needs to learn how to use the internet to solve problems. If more people could harness this resource better they could take control of their lives and achieve goals they have set for themselves.

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