Thursday, March 7, 2013

Evangelical Authors vs the Saints

I thought of something while chatting at lunch with my dad today. What if I were to go back to the old church and sit in on a Sunday School class. Usually the people in there quote the pop evangelical authors like they are the ultimate authority from God.

To get these koolaid drinkers goat, I would refer to Catholic and Orthodox saints only for sage advice. If someone had the balls to challenge me I could ask him if his wife slept on her stomach anymore after he read "Real Marriage" by Driscoll. Or I could ax him what his opinion of Haggard was before the news came out that he was using meth and banging a male prostitute.

If  I were to look towards anybody in church history it would have to be the saints and monastics. They never gained anything financially from their efforts and more depth is found from one sentence as compared to an entire Piper book. Sure they struggled with sin and doubt, and the strange thing is they admitted it. Evangelical theology has to show results so these new assholes pretend everything is perfect and end up having a wide stance in an airport bathroom.

To idolize intellectual gatekeepers that want your money first is shallow and so American. I empathize with Bill Hicks when he screams during one of his bits,"I don't get America."

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