Friday, March 15, 2013

Hiring Headaches

Why does it seem the person who bests down your door when hiring loses their desire to actually work when hired? I had two candidates I wanted to hire and was leaning towards the other one when another position came open. I deciced to five this guy a shot since he has had a stable job history up to 2 years ago.

In the the first 2 weeks of employment he he has complained about the travel associated with the job and has called in sick already for a bs reason. I guess all of the brown nosing tonget the job ran him out of gas to perform his daily tasks.

If things don't get back on track soon he will be shown the door. I guess in the future these types I will ignore and tune out as background noise. Ypu would like to think the people who show intiative in the hiring process would make good employees. Not so in my experience hiring blue collar workers.

I guess the same bs tactics to charm women and brag to their friends are based on the same type of deception that is used in a job search. Lesson learned.

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