Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is Consumerist America a new version of slavery?

I often wonder if the model for America isn't a sneakier version of slavery. We are constantly bombarded with advertising that compels us to buy stuff we dont need. Then the programming on tv dulls the intellect of the population and reinforces advertising campaigns.

When wages stay flat over the past 20 years, benefits are shinking and the price of everthing is going up. There is something that makes you think the large corporations that have taken over have just established a modern day plantation system. The government representatives are bought out by corporate interests on both sides of the aisle.

Just to thin the herd we will make the average diet people can afford toxic and create a need for more healthcare. The system rewards blind obediance and stupidity. The more you are loyal to the civic religion of sports the better you fit in too and it takes more than 10 percent of the income of the most devout.

Any introspection where you hold yourself accountable for your wrong behavior is discounted as well. When we justify all of our wrong doing we reason away any spirituality that puts us at the bottom of the food chain. Once we convince ourselves that we can do nothing wrong we go on autopilot with regards to our desires. Then people say the only realm we expeience is the one we know directly.  They usually say I dont know without factoring in our limited senses on earth let alone the universe. We cant hear everything other animal can or even see the entire color spectrum. What if there is life all around us in the universe but we cant see it in this human meat suit.

I will stop now since it is late and I have run off the rails into crazy talk.

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