Thursday, March 14, 2013

Interesting Discussion Group

I try to make the discussion group at my church every Thursday.  It has helped me get to know people and also grow in appreciation of my pastor who leads it. Right now we are watching a video series on church history hosted by Professor Philip Cary. The last few weeks have been about the early philosophical roots of Christianity,  which I find very interesting.
It seems though the lay members would disagree with me on that and find it boring. I actually wish I found it boring too, since it makes faith so much more easy. I think too much and take in the culture so I have questions that are beyond the scope of just turning to the Bible.
The early church took into account Platonic philosophy and meshed it with Christianity. They also took into account pagan thinkers like Plotinus and used his thoughts and showed where the trinitarian theology meets with it.
I like the idea of a church that takes on without fear competing religions of the day and shows where they went off the rails. That is something woefully missing in the church as a whole today and even more so in the protestant sphere.
Most Protestants rely too heavily on Sola Scriptura because they are already in the fold. They cant see how engaging the culture and being one step ahead of the competition might help. I guess the fact I am a theological mutt showed up again today.
Sometimes knowledge sucks and the more you have alienates you from people. Oh well time to get over myself and go to bed

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