Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In the Desert Again

Managing a business is tough. Especially when there aren't enough layers of employees to buffer you during times of adversity. When you run a trucking company during back to back snow storms and lose a key driver and warehouse employee it causes the slack to fall on the other employees. I could back off and let my employees work horrendous amounts of overtime and burn them out but I try to work alongside them the best I can during these times. I don't want them to feel the despair I do during these times. Being a leader sucks sometimes and it is a thankless job. You have to be satisfied knowing you have done the right thing even if your annual review doesn't reflect it.

I have made it a habit recently to complement my key employees and let them know how much I appreciate them. In a week this will all pass but the challenge has helped me focus on what is important. Hopefully I never again say my job is boring. Instead I enjoy the normalcy better and use the time to accomplish projects and invest in personal growth.

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