Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Masses Truly are Asses

From my time in a red state and Evangelicalism I have heard more than my fair share of regurgitated faux news rhetoric. These people think that Beck, Hannity, Orielly and Limbaugh actually represent the best interests of the people.

In my locale Boeing has been a great employer for many years. I find it interesting as as soon as nafta gets signed into law they cut jobs until they leave here for good. But all of the idiots around here keep voting republican.

This shift started when I was a kid during the summer of mercy. Religious leaders polarized over the abortion issue and used it to control a large block of church going voters. Now that they have mobilized large blocks of voters they start to shift the focus to government being the enemy. Of course it can be when ruled by totalitarian regime, but we elect representatives from amongst us. That has closed as well now that the representatives that win elections are backed by corporate interests. So the we are basically electing corporate representatives because the propoganda of faux news is telling us to do so.

I would say most people I encounter don't see this manipulation going on right in front of us. The powers that be are dumbing down education and pushing a pop culture that keeps the masses ignorant. Since most of Americans are ignorant of history they can't see that Glenn Beck is pulling from the McCarthy era red scare to get ratings. Nor do they realize that the media on both sides are involved in propoganda to brainwash us.

So stay in your anti government perspective and wait and see how they take everything away from us and make us mere serfs once again. This time though there is no new frontier to settle to get away from this. Guns don't do shit for you when you can't afford the ammo.

I hope America figures this out before its too late. I am not hilding my breath though since they are using tactics to disarm science and ways to debunk propoganda.

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