Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Year Later

One cool thing about the church calendar is you have events that help you remember the past. Last year at this time, I attended all of the Holy Week Services by myself except for the Easter Vigil and the Sunday service.
Fast forward a year and my youngest son is an acolyte and my wife attended the Maundy Thursday service with me. My two older kids had homework or other commitments but will we will attend together as a family the Good Friday service. Last year it was unknown if our daughter would attend our church with us or if our middle son would agree to being baptized so he could participate in holy communion.
When I was in the moment a year ago, I was stressed about these things and shouldn't have been. Things fell into place and we have assimilated into our new church in ways I never thought possible. I have no regrets and am humbled by the acceptance and love I have received by fellow parishioners over the last year. Sure there were times I questioned if I was in the right place but it is difficult to find your center. Especially after leaving a church that just wasn't a good fit for you and one where you grew up and knew most of the rank and file.
As Holy Week starts, I celebrate when my family becomes united in a church for the first time. Now they all can experience the liturgy and tradition as I did a year ago that helped me feel sure I made the right decision for a church home.

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