Monday, March 4, 2013

A Wake up Call

My son had made a new friend at school. They had talked about getting together to play and his parents were scared to approach us. My sons new friend had 2 dads and they knew which church we went to. They were afraid of us based on our church affiliation and rightly so as I look back. Fortunately,  we shared a friend in common that put us in touch and not only did our son gain a good friend we did as well.

Whenever I go to drop my son off over at their house I usually stay and talk for several hours. These guys actually talk about deep and meaningful things; a rarity around these parts. They were good friends to me during my spiritual struggles over the last couple of years. They understood the loneliness and isolation I was going through because it is similar to struggles they went through figuring out their sexuality I guess.

I am so glad we shared the friend in common to build a bridge to us. This was the first of many enlightening moments that it was time to leave our old church behind. Our children have brought many good friends into our lives in the past and still continue to do so. Now we have a new couple to go out with to dinner as well.

It pays to have an open mind and meet people that are different than you.  It is easy to stay in your comfort zone and cliques. Overall a diverse group of friends from all ages adds perspective and depth to your daily life.

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