Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Broken Cameras has me thinking

I have been subject to the Israel vs Palestinian fight via the media as long as I can remember.  I watched the documentary  5 Broken Cameras recently and I had an idea as to what a less apparent problem in the conflict might be.

The Palestinians are still in touch with their land and not on the materialistic treadmill of us westerners. The land taken from the Palestinians was done to allow for more apartments to be built to expand Israeli settlements. The olive trees the Palestinians used to feed their families were burned probably so they would rely on walmart type stores for food.

The way to get people to be materialistic is to disconnect them from the land and make them dependent on big business. The Palestinians are stalwarts in this way and the JudeoChristian vs Islam debate is used as means to terrorize a population. Now the businesses that have invested in Israel have the backing of America to kill people until they start to suck off the tit of capitalism.

The system western democracy operates on is a fraud at best. We fight these wars on terrorism to uproot indigenous people so we can resettle the land with new franchise opportunities.  I think we won't leave Afghanistan until their is a Starbucks and Baby Gap in Kabul.

I need to learn how to be a sociopathic fraud as that seems to be the way to greatness in America.

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