Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip Back to Enemy Territory

One of my parents best friends passed away last week. Which is a huge bummer since good friends are hard to come by. Over the years I have gotten to know him and his wife really well and have enjoyed conversations with them when our paths have crossed.

The funeral is at the old church of course and the pastor doing the service is the one that always made me mad during his sermons. Even a couple of months ago I would have sweat going back much more. Now though, I dont mind and will be going to support his family in this time of grief.

What makes this guy a true friend is he picked the song  When the Saints Come Marching in to be played at his funeral. He wants my dad to play his saxophone along with the song. What makes this huge is my dad has always had to play his horn low key at church for 31 years they have gone there. His friend said he wanted a loud song to be played so my dad can rock out for once in that building.

Through all of this I see when we are there for our friends they get to know us and find awesome ways to thank us for our friendship. It may take 20 years or never happen, but its pretty awesome that this guy did this for my dad.

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