Monday, March 4, 2013

Theological Titles I have Read

Here is a quick list of theological titles I have read. Most are either Lutheran, Catholic, Anglican or mainline scholars.  I have no time for evangelical hackery any longer. 23 and on I am still working my way through and I have about 20 more in my queue to read after that. This list doesnt account for any library books I checked out and forgot about reading.

1. The Rise of Evangelicalism-Noll

2. The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind-Noll
3. Is the Reformation over?-Noll
4. And Now I See- Barron
5. Meeting Jesus Again-Borg
6. Why Christianity Must Change or Die-Spong
7.The Victory of Reason-Stark.
8. Where God Meets Man- Forde
9.A Concise History of the Catholic Church-Bokenkotter
10. Translating Theology into the Modern Age-Bultmann
11. How the Catholic Church Built Western civilization-Woods
12. A First Glance at St. Thomas Aquinas-McInerey
13. Rome Sweet Home- Hahn
14. This Hebrew Lord- Spong
15. Beyond Fundamentalism- Barr
16. Honest to God- John AT Robinson
17. Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism- Marsden
18. Scripture and the Authority of God-NT Wright
19. The Bible Made impossible- Smith
20. How to go from Evangelical to Catholic in 95 steps-Smith
21. Catholicism and Fundamentalism-Keating
22. Knowing Darkness-Hart
23. A History of Christian Thought-Tillich
24. Augustine of Hippo- Brown
25. The Quest for the Historical Jesus-Schweitzer.
26. Dark Night of the Soul-St. John of the Cross
27. The Catholic Controversy - DeSales
28. The Imitation of Christ- Thomas Kempis
29. Christianity the first 3000 years -MacCulloch
30. The Reformation-MacCulloch
31. Justification-Braaten

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