Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Lonliness of Management

I have had a difficult 2013 and to be honest probably my entire tenure as a manager which spans back to 1999. I care too much for the people I hire instead of seeing them as a number.

My company tends to hire rockstars on paper that will leave eventually for a better job.  I hire people that the job is a step up for and tend to get dragged through the mud along the way.

After all of these years I hear the same excuses over and over again as to why the job is too tough or is too invasive in their life. Or I have long term employees that get proud and think they are too valuable to submit to company policies.
When I am in a selfish mode I feel like I am being shit on by everybody in employ on a constant basis. Once again I cant compartmentalize and realize these people are on a journey and they can move on in a split second  based on a descision they make.

The bitch of being in middle management is; you have heaped on you the success of your job based on how others perform. You also feel like you can never leave work and all problems fall on your shoulders. 

When this becomes a problem is when enough people fall short at work you start to wonder if your marriage is strong. I have put so much effort into certaib employees that have let me down that I start to think my marriage is at risk.

I know my wife is there for me and it doesn't matter what I go through that she is there for me. I guess I am seeing why companies treat us like numbers and don't care about us. It costs more than just a financial transaction that is our paycheck.

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