Monday, March 4, 2013

Books from my Skeptical Phase

Here is a list of books/authors from my skeptical phase. I think the new atheists are doing a service in pointing out what is wrong with religion in America. However some have more to do with anthropology and biology. A couple are helpful for those that have gone through spiritual abuse. Some address the silliness that is our government as well.

1.A Letter to a Christian Nation- Sam Harris

2.Breaking the Spell- Daniel Dennett

3.All of the books put together by John Loftus

4. Trusting Doubt-Valarie Tarico

5. Leaving the Fold- Marlene Winnell

6. Godless- Dan Barker

7. Several books by Robert M Price and his bible geek podcast.

8. Religious Literacy-Prothero

9. If there is a God , why are there atheists.- Sproul. I only read the first half since the second half was calvinist theology.

10. The Family and C Street- Jeff Sharlet

11. The Faith Healers- James Randi

12. Jesus Land-Scheeres

13. Why Evolution is true-Coyne

14. Anarchy Evolution-Greg Graffin

15. Religion Explained- Pascal Boyer

16. In Gods we Trust- Atran

17. Salvation for Sale-Straub

18. End of Faith- Harris

19. The Truth About Witchcraft Today-Cunningham.

20. Misquoting Jesus-Bart Ehrman

21. Hegel- Peter Singer

22. Profits over People-Chomsky

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