Monday, March 4, 2013

Why I Don't Read Evangelical Authors

I am going to paint with a broad brush here and come off arrogant. That is the joy of having an uber secret blog nobody reads.

I remember checking the book out from the library I think the title was something like "Why men dont like going to church". Since at the time I was most def in that category. I read the first chapter and it had some good captain obvious points and held my attention. Then the book veered off the road into the ditch in the next chapter as it was just a veiled way to sell a bible study curriculum.  Yuck!

My daughter would read stuff for youth group and I would thumb through those books as well. Good point in first chapter and then stuck in the ditch making the same point over and over again. I could read a chapter of writing by Bonhoeffer and blow my mind with new theological concepts in 20 pages instead of boring myself senseless with 300.

I feel like the conservative Evangelical realm has high fences up theologically. This may prevent you from becoming a red letter or emergent Christian but it also keeps you from getting any depth either. It is too scary for the leaders to allow the flock to read a wide range of opinion. It is because their bullshit doesn't stand up to scrutiny. You can buy books to fill a library to keep you brainwashed and in the reformed theological camp.

If you are in a church setting where they shoot down authors that are not affiliated with the Gospel Coalition then run. All of those schmucks write about as well as Herbert Armstrong and at least you can get his garbage culty writings for free.

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