Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tv Preachers

When I still had cable I would watch hours of tv preachers and couldn't get enough. Robert Tilton, WV Grant, Peter Popoff, Paula White, Binny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Mike Murdock, Jamal Bryant, Taketa Williams and many other charlatans too keep the list short. These people push a theology that God is Santa Claus and you get all you want by simply sending them money. Except for Osteen who just ripped off Tony Robbins and blended it with the illusion of his message still being a Christian church.

All of these hucksters live extravagant lifestyles based on the ignorance of their viewers. The businessman in me sees how they rent out a conference room at the Holiday Inn Express and truck in a busload of people from xyz senior center. The only thing else you need manpower wise is a piano player and a hefty assistant to catch the people you "heal". You get the offering from that day and you get lots of mileage from one filming being run over and over again on late night tv. I am sure that there are telemarketing companies who take the phone calls and po box services to process all the cash and build the sucker list aka mailing list for your ministry.

These preachers are heretics and low hanging fruit for many to dismiss Christianity.  Actually, most Evangelical churches take cues from these folks and try to be relevant and entertaining while promising results from buying into their self centered theology. Sola scriptura mixed with marketing techniques makes the bible nothing more than a Don Lapre get rich quick scheme except it actually works.

Many want to just pull up to xyz church and be told what to think. The problem is the people who staff these churches are human and make mistakes. I think the burden is on us as individuals to figure out what the truth is and not rely on so called church leaders. Some can fit in and not question things but I am not blessed with the sheep gene. I guess if stupid people want to send these jerks their money then they are free to do so. It would be much cheaper to go to your local library and get some books on church history.  People in red states reading and thinking for themselves is a pipe dream at this point.

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