Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pious Have the Most Secrets

I watched Cleanflix a documentary about movies being cleaned up to meet moral edicts put out be the Mormon church in Utah. The guy who runs a chain of stores that rented and sold the cleaned up movies and uses the media for free advertising has a secret. He is a pervert and he eventually gets busted during the filming of the documentary for paying underage girls for sex.

This is one example of many self righteous outspoken individuals that don't walk the walk. I think if you are faking it, you have to have a dark outlet to blow off steam. In the uber religious realm it tends to be sexual misconduct. It also can be gambling drug use or any other illicit activity.

Most people can look down on other people for their wrong doing but can't see their own. It is common in America as well, we loved to see the Taliban get it after 9/11. What if a civilian victim from Kabul had the power to launch an equally deadly attack on civilians in America.  It would be fair since they have no more influence over the government they live under than we do over here. I think Chomsky has it right when he says "The way to stop terrorism is to stop participating in it."

I begin to wonder sometimes if being a Christian matters at all in the grand scheme of things. To proclaim to saved and show no fruits of intaking the basics of Christ's teaching is the lionshare of pop Christianity these days. Sure we are all human and make mistakes but mindlessly devoting yourself to the American Jesus dogma doesn't change anything about you either. Actually,  it makes you a more boring of a person.

The more interesting person is the one who admits their faults among friends and doesn't hide anything. The things we hide grow and become larger problems for everyone around us. Would you rather hear about a guys boring walk with the Lord or would you want to hear about how somebody doubts their faith and beats a poor tree in their back yard with a baseball bat to relieve their angst.

I would think the more honest story about doubt would draw a crowd every time. If your're more interested in hearing about somebody's boring walk with the Lord heavily sprinkled with Christianese, then I know not to ask you out for a beer ever.

But really folks, when the visible church leaders and other pious folks live less by the ideals of Christ than Noam Chomsky there is a huge problem. American Christianiy has been mobilized as a voter block to be controlled by corporations that want certain candidates elected to further their agenda. They check all of the boxes of your supposed values and continue to screw us out of good jobs and healthy food.

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