Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Netflix Documentary Hang Over

I am in a down mood today and I think irlts because I have watched several documentaries the past few nights on Netflix.  I watched 5 Broken Cameras, Cleanflix, Hell House, Selling God and Whats the Matter with Kansas. Oh yeah and one with Noam Chomsky.
Needless to say all of these heavy topics about what is going on in our country and via our foreign policy can be troubling. Ignorance is bliss and once you start digging you find information and ideas that make you think.
The problem is I care and find it difficult to separate myself from the larger issues I can't change. Instead I should focus on making a difference in my sphere of influence and not buy into fear or hopelessness.
I love these documentaries as they allow me to see the world from a different perspective than I do in Kansas. I can travel and meet people through these docmentaries I would otherwise never meet.
One senitment I have is best told by the song 'merica by The Descendants. Check it out on YouTube great tune. I guess I will now find a crappy comedy with lots of dick jokes to turn that frown upside down. (Cue Bill Hicks dick joke island bit)

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