Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rock Concert as Closure

I raised my middle finger to my fundamentalist past and took my son and his best friend to a rock concert. As a kid I never went to a concert for any bands that I liked. It carried over to my adulthood until recently as my best friends have taken me to an Eagles and Primus concert.

Three Days Grace and Shinedown aren't my favorite bands but I know their songs well from the radio. It was surreal to watch live music you already know and like so well. Now I'm gonna have to see if I can take in some of the ones I missed from my youth. Gonna shoot for Van Halen and maybe Morrissey.

I did enjoy Shinedown especially and thought they put on a great show. Singing along to I hate everything about you with 3 Days was awesome too. POD surprised me with a cover of "Bullet in the Blue Sky" by U2. I liked the surprise of hearing an obsure cover of I song I haven't heard for years.

I love to people watch and concert going kicks this hobby into overdrive. In the line on the way in there was a lesbian in a camo jacket with a teardrop tatoo below her left eye. You just don't see these types outside of walmart very often. There was a couple sitting in front of us and the gal was chugging down mixed drinks. They left before Shinedown came out since she was in a good place for him to get some. Any more drinks in her and she would be puking and probably have to be carried out of the arena. There is a fine threshold of getting a girl drunk I guess and this guy was an expert of when to cash his chips in.

The most common sighting was the 30 something shaved bald white guy. This species had a goatee, leather jacket, and black t-shirt with a hack dick joke on it. I guess I was at a heavy metal concert but the look was tired in my opinion.

Back to my premise in the first paragraph,  by taking my son to this concert I think I have helped him. As a parent we should want better for our children and try to filter out the bs from our childhood that has limited us. By going to this concert my son won't have to feel like the music he likes is bad or of the devil.  My hope is this will prevent him from having the anger and need to rebel that I have/had.

It may have just been a concert for him and his friend but it was a huge step in my recovery from fundamentalism.

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