Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finding Where I Fit

My wife has found a community with penpals which is cool for her. I told her today that it would be awesome if there was something like that where we could meet new friends locally. I would like to find somewhere I fit in and I dont think church is the complete answer. Now that we are at a mainline church, it isnt possible to make it your one stop social sphere. Which I think is totally awesome too, but now I get to figure out the next move.

I have tried socializing in parachurch organizations but I am too honery and liberal to fit in there. Car clubs are an idea but that is too narrow an interest field especially since I don't care for sports any longer. For a recovering isolationist,  it is tough to step out of your shell when it seems to be a waste of time.

Maybe I ought to start reading and welding on my old mustang again.  That seems to kill free time and I dont worry about this stuff as much.

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