Monday, March 25, 2013

Father Kapaun Interests Me

Father Emil Kapaun is a hero from my protestant point of view based on his military service. He had the back of the soldiers in his care during the Korean War and was a great inspiration. To acheive sainthood, there has to be proof that intercessory prayers to him from modern times worked to get him over the hump to sainthood as far as I can figure out.

As I study and look at all of the saints of the church, I can get knowledge and inspiration from them. I just can't get my head around praying to them for intercession. I think it has to do from my fundamentalist past where prayer was cheapened and abused. I currently look up to many dead guys writings for inspiration is that a form of prayer?

Maybe my form of prayer is looking to heros of the past for inspiration and the ability to abide. Life is hard and these guys had it much worse than I ever have had it. I think the trials saints and characters in the bible went through are meant to humble us.

So when I can get a day away from work I might make a day trip to Pilsen, Ks and tour the church there. Fr. Kapaun was real and is another inspiration to me on my journey.

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