Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moment of Clarity

I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast fairly regularly. One common topic is the use of psychedelic substances and their benefits. Most reports I hear them discuss can be acheived by reading then enjoying a few bourbon and cokes afterward.  I remember one guy sharing that went and did an ayahuasca trip with a tribe in Brazil. The key thing he got was that we would all be judged at the end of our lives for the negative impact we have on others.

Fast forward a couple of months when I was sick with a fever and watching Ted talks. I remembered when my wife went to the dentist and came home and told me she needed a 1500 dollar procedure done. I remebered back that she was scared to tell me and I felt like the biggest asshole in the world. I called her into the room and asked for her forgiveness tearfully. I told her I never wanted fear to be an emotion she associated with me ever.

Even though I never tripped balls
In Brazil with an enlightened shaman, I still gained enlightenment secondhand thanks to a podcast. I have learned to try not to have my loved ones fear me in any way. Who knew this was possible and I never would have had this break through if I were still an evangelical.

When one can listen to a podcast where people are being real with dick jokes, the church will continue to be irrelevant.  Especially the ones that use fear to manipulate you to believe.  Fear does get more immediate results but in the end you have isolated yourself. Love is risky because the right thing always is and if you expect certain results you can feel a fool when taken advantage of.

Understanding the impact we make in the world and that we can choose to be an influence for good is huge. I wish I knew about this years ago as I could have done more possibly. Maybe the wrongs I have done and the guilt I feel are the motivation I have now to be a better person.

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