Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Friends Visit My Church

A good couple friend of ours came to visit our Lutheran church Sunday. This is the second family from our old church that has checked our new church out in the last year.

I will start by saying I have no interest in them joining our church even though it would be nice. I am glad they came and kicked the tires on a high church service on their journey to find a new church home. It takes a rare evangelical family to jump ship over to Lutheran. Around here most folks jump to the Orthodox or Catholic church if they want a high church experience.

Also, the culture in a mainline church is totally different than an evangelical church. Most folks would see it as giving up a lot since there is a significant amount less of planned activities. Just too much to take in for most people I am afraid.

Finally, the days of thinking I am in the only true or correct church are over. If friends or family want to come and check out our church that is cool. However,  there will be no pressure from me to stay long term. Sure I miss these friends but they need to find a place that works for their entire family and that is different for everyone.

There have been several families we know that have left the old place for a couple acceptable non denominational or pca Presbyterian churches in our area. Most people that casually knew us that we run into from our old church think we attend one of these places. it is fun to see their reaction when say no we at a Lutheran church. I think it is cool a couple of our friends at least stepped out of their comfort zone and visited us at our new church.

I am just happy some people have decided to move to a healthier place and if my wife and I can be of any help that is awesome.

Our new church has none of the country club trappings of our old place. I am pretty sure it baffles some as to why we would waste our time going there. It is the first church I have ever attended where I participate in the service and feel at peace. There is no pressure to volunteer or put in an appearance at certain events to be accepted.

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