Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking in a play with my daughter.

My daughter had to go watch a play for her theatre appreciation class where she goes to college. Her mother and boyfriend were busy so I was glad to go since its hard to get one on one time with her these days.

The play was " Jake's Women" by Neil Simon and I loved it. The actor and actresses did a great job and the WSU theatre department should be very proud of their efforts. I think I will look into going to more theatre shows since movies fail to interest me. The was a 3 hour play and it moved quickly and I was drawn into the plot like I haven't been in a long time.

More than that I enjoyed the discussion before and after the play with my daughter. She is seeing things in a such a more mature way than her mother and I did at the same age. She is driven to be successful in class work, job and relationships.

We became parents at the age of 19 and I don't remember a time without my daughter in my life.  She grew up with us and she tagged along with me to work, the junkyard and other errands. My wife also made sure she got to go to concerts for her favorite bands and went to several midnight Harry Potter premiers.

My daughter mentioned to me today that her coworkers told her that her parents raised her right. I am flattered but not amazed that she turned out so well. I am glad to see all the years of being there for her and helping her realize dreams has helped her grow into the amazing young woman she is today.

Our only concrete legacy we leave on earth is the with the people we love and effect. My wife and I tried our hardest to filter out the bad stuff from our childhood from our childrens experience. It is awesome to see all 3 of my kids doing better than we did at the same age. Without being to proud I think we have changed the course of our family for generations because we wanted better. At the end of the daybits all good.

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