Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brennan Manning beat me to it

King Solomon says there is nothing new under the sun in Ecclesiasties and I hit the wall with a book I started reading. The Ragamuffin Gospel in the first chapter has highlighted my journey by quoting my favorite theologians and making points I would have. My wife has tried for years to give Mannings writings a whirl and it went over my head. I even remember that the pastor at my old church dislikes Manning which should have been encouragement enough to investigate him further. Rich Mullins in the beginning highlights my frustrations with the church perfectly and found solace in Manning's Lutheranesque exegesis of law and gospel.

So many people have struggled like me unbeknownst to me. As I dig, reading books like this help me to see that I am finding truth on my own that much smarter people have found as well.

Oh well I will continue to read through this book and hope to stand on Mannings shoulders to reach new heights.

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