Saturday, March 16, 2013

Response to the Vandals

After cooling off literally attending my sons soccer game, I loaded the family up and went to Menards for the new mailbox. This time instead of buying the wood post I bought the hollow steel one. Just to make it that much harder to run over, I used a whole 50lb bag of concrete to anchor it in the ground and another bag to fill up the center of the post.

If someone were to run over it again the post would cause more damage to their car and probably disable it. Frankly, the old mailbox and post were worn out and needed to be replaced, the timing just sucked. In the world of mailbox baseball they hit a home hun as the post and box flew 20 ft away after they hit it. I am sure these kids are still laughing their asses off about it.

If this doesn't work I am going to build an above ground version of the furher bunker out of cinder blocks and rebar. I think our lot sticks out as people turn around on our street and exit making our mailbox a great target for would be vandals. At least they didn't mess up something more expensive as all of the materials to replace were abou 130 bucks.

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