Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of my Favorite Christian Blogs

I frequent 3 Christian blogs,,  The Wartburg Watch and Rachel Held Evans blog. Today Rachel's post hit home for me. She talks about doubt in the same way I have experienced it and articulated it much better than I ever could.
She is an author of two books both of which I read. Evolving in Monkeytown I read during my agnostic phase and it helped me greatly. She covered many of issues I had with the church and got the point across that our faith has to grow and change as we do.
I gave this book to my daughter and she said it helped her too which is totally awesome. It was great for me to find these blogs online to make me realize I'm not alone even if I am here in Kansas.
Thanks to all who step out and blog to help us lurkers who are too shy to come up with a pithy comment for each post. It is hard to step in and comment since most of the stuff I want to say has already been said by previous commenters. I guess I will comment here in anonymity to up my game.

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