Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I should have bought a butterball.

I have a friend whose dad owns quite a few acres east of town. We got to talking and decided to go turkey hunting on his land. Based on previous visits we knew the turkeys were usually in a certain spot at sunrise.

The night before I go online and buy my hunting license and turkey permit. Then I get up the next morning at 5am to pick my friend up and head out to the spot. We pull into an area by a pond almost a quarter mile off the road. As soon as we get out of the truck I hear loud barking. I grabbed my shotgun and started to load it in case they were pit bulls.

The dome light revealed they were 3 adult Weimaraners. As soon as turned around to greet them we had 3 new friends to hunt with us that day. Which is of course the last thing you want when turkey hunting. We thought maybe they would move on so we could go to our spot and no luck.

As the sun came up I noticed several turkey carcasses all over the field and we ended up taking our guns for a walk in the woods that morning. We encountered the farmer who leases the land asked him who the dogs belonged to and I think he said " They're yours now". Upon further discussion nobodybin the area owned dogs like that and they were probably studs used in a puppy mill that had outlived their usefulness.

So we load the 3 guys up and bring them home to my house. My friend ends up keeping one and I find a home for one and keep one too. Sawyer has been a great pet over the last 5 years but has added to the grocery bill. Anytime bread is left out he devours it and of course anything else on the counter as well. It also cost me 400 bucks to get him neutered and up to date on his shots.

That is why I always joke when I tell the story I should have bought a damn Butterball turkey from the store. But really though he has been a great friend andy whole family loves him. Sometimes your lets choose you.

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