Friday, March 29, 2013

Gay Marriage

Its been all over Facebook the red equals sign picture for pro gay marriage and bible verse proof texting for the the opposition. I find myself annoyed with this debate and wish they would pass the law allowing it already.

We have a church state separation in this country or are supposed to on paper. It doesn't matter if you can pull all the right chapter and verse from the bible to show that it is wrong. Our government is supposed to represent the people and gay couples need legal validity to their relationships for adoption and insurance reasons to name a couple. Not to mention recognition that their relationships are as meaningful and legitmate as hetero marriages.

Since there is freedom of religion and if your church is opposed to gay marriage then don't perform the wedding ceremonies.  It won't matter anyway as the gay community knows which churches are against them in the faith communtiy anyway. They wouldn't even show up for a service let alone come in expecting to have a wedding at your church. Even the Catholic church who I respect very much, I know they will never cave on this issue and I respect that fact.  I would be opposed if the government stepped in and made all churches have to perform the weddings.

At the end of the day all that is holding this up are some repressed old white guys in congress that need to retire. It's interesting how the same tactics to back slavery and segregation are employed against gay marriage.  Furthermore,  while the news frenzy over this issue was going on Obama signed another pro Monsanto bill. This company has as much power as the Fed over our food supply.  Very scary stuff.

Finally, I think most folks who are so adimately against it don't have any gay friends. That is what it took for me to change my opinion on the issue. If the polar opposite positions are controlling the debate then each side is going to have to compromise. Civil Unions might have to be the first step until the culture catches up and the younger crowd who backs it get old enough to take power.

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