Friday, March 15, 2013

Monday on a Friday

After a long week of trying to catch up I thought I would sneak out a little early to come home and enjoy some family time. I decided to check out my bank account as it seemed money had been missing lately and I didnt think anything about until this week. When I looked there were over 400 bucks in charges to xbox online since October done byy youngest son. I was an idiot and renewed his memebership on the xbox with my debit card instead of buying him the points card like I had been.

Coming upstairs to cool off I opened a letter from my car insurance company and they said they were upping the premium 100 dollars this month. So I get pissed and storm off to work to finish up processing orderers for Monday. This usually takes 30 min and guess what the printer runs out of paper and jams 3 times stretching this out to about 2 hours.

I finally get home and wife is scared of me and upset and i decide to talk to my son and share with him that he is my servant for 60 hours of work to pay off what he bought without my permission.  I go downstairs to look over resumes for work and my wife comes downstairs with more bad news. She heard someone hit something in our front yard and when she went outside to investigate some kids had ran over our mailbox and launched it 20 ft over to my neighbors yard.

Between home and fighting a losing battle at work all you can do is cuss. It just becomes funny because you are so spent and have no more emotion to expend. What a shitty day.

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