Thursday, February 7, 2013

There is nothing wrong with me!

The nice thing about having an uber secret blog is that I can go off half-cocked and vent with no repercussions. I went for a walk with my daughter tonight who is an alum of the same youth group I went to as a kid. I still am kicking myself for allowing my family to go back to that church 10 years ago but you can't put the shit back in the horse.

She senses the same thing I do with old friends from there. We are treated with pity like we are stupid for leaving them behind. Now we are a prayer request, a project to try to get back into the fold. It really is ridiculous when you leave one type of Christianity for another and since it isnt where the people who leave that church normally go you get branded an apostate. If we went to a PCA, baptist, pentecostal, or cool named church that really is a sbc church we wouldn't have raised any suspicion. But since we left for a Lutheran church that is 90% Catholic, that meand our souls are in jeopardy. When I met with the different friends from the old church and they quizzed me about whether or not I was considering becoming Catholic or Orthodox I should have asked which one would piss you off more?

I should have been more honest with them about why I left and never will come back but they wouldnt hear what I had to say anyway. On a positive note another couple is leaving that church and now that they have we have become better friends since we dont have to pretend everything is perfect all the time. Since the level of belief you have to have there is so intense and you should expect rewards for beleiving the perfect doctrine. Any sign of weakness or humanity is strictly verboten and points you out as a lesser Christian or future Lutheran.

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