Sunday, February 10, 2013

Betting on the wrong horse

I did it again, I gave someone an opportunity to work for me in a supervisory role that ended up burning me. With the economy being so bad you would think one could attract great candidates for an open job all day long. Apparently that is not the case as I had to look over several resumes and hold my nose before offering this schmuck the job.

I have a long line of employees taking advantage of my kindness and becoming either lazy in ther jobs or endulging their fallen nature over the years. I am sure everybody who manages a business encounters this but for some reason this wears on me. I should know that the pool I have to pick from is shallow and finding the person who wants to work a lousy shift in a warehouse isn't going to be a long term trustworthy person.

Chazz Palmenteri's character in A Bronx Tale addresses the issue of whether it is better to be feared or loved. I am starting to wonder if a little fear might actually help me out in the long run.

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