Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad Work Relationship

Many people have the crazy ex story to share over beer with friends. I was lucky to have met my wife at the age of 17 so there is no crazy exes in my past. Instead I seem to have a long line of former employees in my past. One in particular was a human black hole that only took from me and everyone around him. He was a disgusting pig of a person and was just useful enough to function as my assitant manager for 10 years. He was great liar and a professional substance abuser. He read our companies policy on drug testing when it was revised and figured out all of the loopholes. He probably saved money since he could pay a copay after doctor shopping which was cheaper than using illegal stuff.

Every time you would talk to him his personal life would descend to the next level of hell and he used sympathy to get people to care about him. His children were self destructive and still are to this day. I still have to listen to the negative impact he had on my employees and apolgize for my stupidity in keeping him around for so long. You live in the shadow of these bad relationships and feel like you should have acted sooner and seen things differently. I thought from my past that my Christian example would influence this human version of jabba the hut and to no avail. Everything I did went into the void and more was expected. Every kindness I showed was just a baseline for this chump to ask for more. I even brought my wife and kids in on it and we watched his kids for free one summer while he had custody.

When I finally did have to end his employment, it was a relief and very sorrowful. I knew he put on his best to work for me and he was unemployable anywhere else. I also knew he had purchased guns recently and had mental health issues. If he didnt kill himself he was going to die from one of many dietary inflincted ilnesses he was juggling. I had former employees call me that he was conspiring to get me fired. A few months after that he committed suicide and his funeral was on the same day I had something fun planned. It was difficult but I decided not to go to and not allow his drama to effect me anymore. I still feel incredibly stupid this person was in my life and vow to never allow it to happen again.

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