Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remembering My Father In Law

15 years ago on the 18th my father in law passed away from a heart attack. He was a huge role model for me and made an impact on my life that still shows today.

My father was a great role model as well as is a musician and a hard worker. My father in law was an old school mans man and we hit it off the first time I met him. Once he figured out I was into cars and loved his daughter I was immediately a part of the family. He offered me another perspective on being a man that made me more well rounded.

After we got married at 19, he helped us buy our first house with his comission from the sale of the house. He also came over and showed me how to do home repairs. I was able to adapt my knowledge of auto repairs to learn plumbing and carpentry. Close to my 21st birthday he showed up at my house in his newly purchased 1975 corvette and took me out for a molson ice at his favorite bar. It was only 3 years later he was taken way too soon by a heart attack.

He has missed out on knowing 5 of his grandkids and seeing his kids and their familes grow and succeed. I would like to think I have been able to pass along the positive things I got from him to my children and nephews. The main way we live on here on earth is the impact we make on our loved ones.

Larry, your love for your daughter who became my wife was a great example on how to be a good dad to my daughter. Your ability to make everybody feel important I try to do in my daily interactions too. The balls you had to try to fix anything that was broke has enabled me to attempt repairs on houses and cars I never would have done otherwise.

We have missed you so much over the last 15 years and if my kids miss me half as much I will know I did a good job.

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