Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Cat the Killer

After a long week I come home from work to relax. My cat once again has snuck outside and greets me on the way back into the house. I think nothing of it and go inside to watch a random Netflix documentary amd doze off befor dinner.
My wife told me to go out and look at the carnage by the front door. I immediately knew that my cat got the rabbit living in the hedge in front of my house. Sure enough he did and actually ate quite bit of the poor fella.
I went outside and cleaned up the mess on the porch and thought I was done. Later in the evening I noticed his yellow nametag was discolored and there was stringy stuff hanging down. When I took his collar off the tag was covered in blood and the stringy stuff was rabbit fur. So any doubt about who done it was gone and now I got to wash his collar and tags.
The domestic house cat is an amazing creature if you think about it. They are basically a miniature version of a mountain lion and I don't think they are actually 100% domesticated. They turn feral rather easily and can can survive second only to hogs maybe.
Even after the kill, this ferocious feline still needs to sleep it off and happens to be doing so on my lap.

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