Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reasonable Calvinism?

I just liked The Christian Left on facebook recently and have enjoyed their perspective. Today, they reposted a blog from Frank Schaffer about how Calvinism and the right wing Republicans have combined and really no longer follow Christ. This trend in American Evangelicalism took over my old church and is a faith killer.

The neo-reformed evangelicals that are paired up with the Gospel Coalition or 9 Marks is authoritarian and stinks of everything that Calvinism can evolve to be in a negative light. One comment on the article was from a Presbyterian pastor from the mainline who was pleading the case for his denomination. He was trying in his short post to explain that Calvinist theology can be lived out without going to the extreme that it is now.

If I had the time, I would read more Calvin and the history behind that leg of the reformation. Having lived the negative side of it and see it creep in slowly at my old church, I guess I have a blind spot for it. I would also admit when I went church shopping I avoided Presbyterian churches for their Calvinistic theological background.

Maybe I would fit in ok at a PCUSA church and didn't give them a fair chance. Maybe this pastor has a point and his churches theology has been high jacked by modern day Puritans. Actually, all Christians should care about this since these folks are becoming the new face of Christianity. 

I have always said if the conservative evangelical way is the only version of Christianity,  then I will pass. It has been nice to find progressive thinkers in the Christian community and hopefully our numbers will grow once more people like me start to have enough. I don't want the religious right and dominionist Republicans running things anymore. I can only hope that day will come but I am not going to hold my breath.

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