Sunday, May 12, 2013

Am I a Liberal?

I have been accused of being one and most of the leaders at my old church use the term every time I see them. Everybody is so far right of center in Kansas and anyone who actually understands both sides of an issue is a Liberal here.
I refuse to let the right wing civic religion that has merged with evangelicalism dictate my beliefs. So maybe I don't check the right boxes on key issues the right loves to speak out about, but it doesn't make me a liberal. When you start to compare how we are treated by our employers with countries in Europe its laughable. We are having benefits our parents had taken away right in front of us.
These conservative folks are worried about biblical marriage while our government signs into law legislation to protect frankenfood manufacturers from future litigation. Our food supply is a dumping ground for various chemical wastes and this is hot button issue for these folks. All the fake news channels and talk radio has brainwashed these evangelical types and makes them predictably boring.
The arguments from the left have their problems too. But after living a lifetime of being eyes deep in the religious right cess pool, I enjoy their arguments.  I am sure I will tire of them eventually and critique them as well. Giving yourself the freedom to explore new points of view is scary territory from where I come from.
To answer my initial question I don't think I am a liberal. Maybe I am to some around here in Kansas but I guess I will wear the honorary badge assigned to me with honor in the meantime.

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