Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bible Study Differences

My wife and I were at the gym the other day and we ran into an elder from our old church. He came by and struck up a conversation and of course asked us where we were going to church. My wife spoke up before I could say "Cut the crap you already know!" Once it was revealed the new church we are attending we had to hear about watching out for "liberalism". His final parting advice was to make sure we were in a good bible study.

It seems like my wife is always there when I interact with the leadership at the old church. It steals my thunder in a way, but I am glad she jumped in to keep things civil. Hopefully,  they will se we are content where we are and out of sight out of mind kicks in. If anything I got a real life taste of what living under elde board rule at a 9 marks church might be like. More confirmation that I made the right descision to flee funamental evangelicalism.

Back to my original topic, bible study means totally different things based on what type of church you attend.  In my old church a bible study meant parsing through the bible chapter and verse with no historical perspective. In the Lutheran church I attend the studies there are more academic and take in the historical perspective. I never thought in a million years group discussions like this took place in the confines of the church.

So to the elder who cornered us in the gym I guess I am in a good bible study and its one you wouldn't like. With historical perspective,  I was able to see the subtle change of an EFCA church to a SBC church and walk away. So I guess going in circles in bible studies that go nowhere keep the sheep dumb, happy and filling the pews every week.

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