Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brutality of Humanity

As I study more history, I realize the body count of people killed is tremendous. It doesn't matter who was driving the genocide and usually it was caused by differences that seem ridiculous today. It would be great if I could blame the God of the old testament for everything or the Atheism of Stalin for everything. That is the current vibe in our culture to hone in on one situation and disregard the bible for it or write off what the Atheists have to say. The battle accounts in the bible are in line with history and show a consistency that is in humanity even to this day. The Atheists point out the silliness of religion and show how hope for a humanity that factors out where religion has gone wrong in the past. However, when a psychopath like Stalin takes the ideology and runs with it he becomes a civic god and kills millions of people, the making of religion as the problem is over the top.

If humanity is to take a step forward everybody has to care about everyone else. This would cause us to drop religious, national and racial loyalties for a start. These forms of group cohesion that helped build civilization are holding us back. This would also require us to do away with centralized power and allowing a few people from privilege to call all of the shots. The utopia of the left seems just out of grasp in this world at this time. Will our civilization evolve and progress in this direction? With access to more information on the internet I have hope that we will progress but not in my lifetime. Heck, I will probably be considered a curmudgeon once I get old enough to need dick pills.

This is one of the many layers in my onion of doubt. Jerks get in power and it always leads to the death of millions of innocent people. Good things come from these aggressor groups and if it weren't for them we wouldn't have this or that technological advancement. Progress is blind to all of the innocent people it mows over and most people don't understand how bloody it was to get here. If a God is in control is he just a puppet master that hopes each genocidal scenario grows our culture? Or does he really have to blow through millions of people to find a few interesting ones?

When I think of my life as insignificant as somebody that was massacred in xyz battle it humbles me. I am glad I have the ability to feel tired of my job, when I could have to be tortured to death if the right people banged in the past and my genetic code came forward then. No pun intended. So the question comes up now that I have identified that extreme right Christianity and the polar opposite in the Atheist spectrum as being extreme. How do we move forward as a collective humanity? Why is it I gain more insights from academia or pagan authors than from American Christian leaders? Is God showing me truth can be found outside of Christianity when it goes wrong? Do I have to do what Aquinas and other church fathers did and filter out the noise to find good Orthodoxy?

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