Monday, May 27, 2013

Fair Weather Friends

On a recent trip to a zoological park I was able to pay a buck to feed the parrots in an exhibit.  It was fun and the birds were interested in you as long as you had the cup of nectar they wanted.
Throughout my life, there have been fair weather friends that only care as long as knowing me benefits them. Or I was given a free pass for being perceived as a fellow rank and file believer. Some thought that my job status had business contacts they needed to further their own pursuits. Some used my mechanical knowledge to lower their expenses and when I needed someone to talk to they couldn't care less.
This fun exercise of feeding birds was a reminder that our interactions with others that are fulfilling are short lived to say the least. The 99% of the rest of our lives we have to be ok with solitude in a lot of ways. How we spend this time is crucial and dare I say I tend to waste it.
I guess I need to work on not expecting more from interactions and friendships I have with others. I should relish my alone time better and continue to invest in my intellectual growth. As I look back nobody has wronged me just my expectations were off.

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