Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jesus is a Variable

Through all of my faith related struggles, I feel like Jesus comes across as a mathematical variable in Christian circles. If I do x then Jesus will do that. Sometimes I feel as if there are as many versions of Christianity as there are adherents. You can drag and drop the Jesus variable to make conservative or liberal theology make sense for you.
Feuerbach said humans make their Gods in their own image. Maybe that is the problem here, if we make things fit in our parameters then the problems start. We humans make mistakes and the stakes are huge if we are in control of big groups of people.
Jesus really is variable or an excuse people make to excuse behavior that is unbecoming. This is a fake Jesus but when you encounter 1000 fake versions of Jesus for every real one, you can see why people are confused.
Christians as a whole can't agree who Jesus is and what he said. Some Christians think other Christians are going to hell since their interpretation of theology is different. This is sad or is it just our need to have separate groups so we can look down on others. Maybe one failure of humanity is that we will never get along as one group.
That is why I cannot judge what others believe or look down at them think they are hell bound. I may disagree and bash certain belief systems but if I were to meet any of those adherents face to face I would be nice and respectful. I am just a boring middle aged white guy with a limited worldview. Who am I to think the billions of non-Christians around the world are going to hell.
I think God is bigger than human tribalism and the masses need to think their way is the only way. We need to be vulnerable and allow ourselves a limited view on things in some areas to be comfortable and stable.

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