Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baseball used to matter

When I was a kid baseball was everything. Even into my adult years, I loved the sport as well. It seems that my love of the sport has died in the last few years for various reasons.

The first one was the fact that the Cubs still suck after every other longshot team has won the world series over the last 20 years. Then the second dagger was the steroid abuse in sports that has compromised the game. No longer can a pitcher last 9&2/3 innings with the roided up batters. There are now middle relievers and a pitcher that comes in to face one batter. Now a half inning in the playoffs can take an hour and I am immune to this sport.

What gave me this perspective, was when I had thd mlb classics channel before I got rid of cable. I watched games from when I was a kid and remebered a time before the game whored itself out to advertisers. I also remembered a game that took an hour and a half to play instead of the 2+ hours it takes now.

This sports continued irrelevance has been negated thanks to advertising.  If it weren't for dick pills and shit yogurt no more revenue would come in. Or would the game have stayed the same and still be watchable without the advertisers fucking it up? I guess I will never know. Goodbye baseball enjoy your slow death as a whore to the advertisers.

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