Thursday, January 24, 2013


After a years hiatus from the old church I have had 4 people in ministerial or apologetic level reach out to me in the last week. Not sure what they want or the reason for the sudden attention after a year of being gone. It is nice to catch up but I realize that each time I meet up with the next guy they know facts that I told a previous one. Guess my family made the prayer list or they hoped I was unhappy at the new church I am at since it is so different than the old one. They probably think we are as socially petty as they are and how could we walk away from the status we achieved from lots of years of volunteering and playing the game.

I have 2 more mettings with these folks over the next day and a half. I like socializing and have learned how to engage my adversary from years of James Bond movie viewing, but I am starting to tire of the exercise. If this doesn't let up it may be time to meet with the pastors there and tell them enough. I could also share how I can never go back and their theology and people in the pews annoy me to the point that atheism is a better option. I know through my doubting and questioning you guys figured out that I am not dumb and if I could only believe like you I could be a star in your church. I would be a trophy that proved your theology really is superior. Or maybe it is not about me, you are seeing that other families are starting to leave too and I am the only one that takes on all that seek me out.

The problems at that church are bigger than any group of people within that see the issues. In that environment,  it is best to leave if the bubble pops and you can tell the place isn't perfect. So after this round of communication I may start to make myself a little more unavailable.

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