Monday, January 14, 2013

Stuck in No Mans Land

2013 is off to a bizarre start for this fella. I told my boss last month that if a position in the company opened up down the road I would be interested.  Guess what, not morethan 2 weeks later a position came open 800 miles away. On top of that in the last week I have met up with friends from my former church for lunch after not seeing any of them for 6+ months.

The timing on the job opportunity is less than ideal and unless the company pays for relocation I will be staying put for now. On the other front, meeting up with friends from the old church was nice but I realized I have grown and changed and there is no going back to where I once was. They have stayed the same and I am on another trajectory that is incompatible with. I think I am gonna take a break from worrying about it and knock some projects off around the house just in case this job thing actually works out.

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