Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Positives from a long day

Winter has been here too long in Kansas. Guess what it was 73 degrees most of the day yesterday and we wake up to an ice storm this morning. So the buses are running late of course and it had to be for the school that is farthest away. I get my son to school and head to work  and plan to fix a light fixture at church over my lunch hour.
On the way to fix said light fixture I get a flat tire. I figure no problem since there is a spare on the truck I borrowed from my parents. So I lay down on icy wet ground and drop the spare and rove the flat the problem is the jack wont move truck up high enough to put the spare on. I have to call my mom to bring my floor jack out and in my mind I think problem solved. Once my mom comes with the jack we  figure out the spare is flat too.
We go and buy a used tire up the street for 32 bucks and finally I can return to work 2 hours late and wet all over. On top of that my wife had a bad day and needs me to be there and I want to be selfish and disconnected.  I decide to not go there again and talk with my wife when we are done I remember I never put the jack away and she needs to use the truck in the morning. When I go out to put it away my neighbors son pulls up with some beer and we decide to talk.
We chat about being trapped in dead end jobs we can't stand and the difficulty of relationships. I took the time to tell him his current girlfriend is the real deal and he should make the deal final. He told me he got his tax return and he was contemplating buying a ring. I asked the standard questions about whether or not she was crazy and she passed with flying colors. I told him it was a no brainer and from what I could tell she was a keeper.
So my bad day allowed me to encourage a young man to commit to a great woman who is waiting patiently. I guess when we have delays out of our control we look at time in a different way. Normally we hold to a tight schedule and freak out if everything gets delayed. When you are broke down in a vehicle you just have to wait on others and enjoy the ride. It may even be portal into another dimension where time isn't linear.
As much as I could and did complain about my day it ended great.

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