Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Patriarchal Lineage

I got some pics of some relatives from my dad's side of the family. The first pic is of my great grandfather who hated mining and fled Pennsylvania for Chicago to get away from that career option. They look like Bonnie and Clyde but maybe share some insight as to why I am such a troublemaker.
The second picture is of my grandparents. My grandfather died of a heart attack and he was a master ford mechanic that worked before they ventilated shops for exhaust gas. This is another tribute to my past as I have my grandfathers mechanical aptitude and my grandmothers open mindedness.
Our lineage and legacy in our family helps determine who we are in some ways. The people who surround us as youngsters influence us greatly and make a difference in our path. The strange thing is I only knew the women in the 2 pics. Somehow even though I never knew these 2 grandfathers I still have some of their traits. I would like to think its a coincidence, but I think we are genetically tied to our ancestors.
Both grandfathers were either auto mechanics and blacksmiths. Now I can fix or troubleshoot most problems that arise in my life. My brother has a strong mechanical aptitude and my parents are hard working people too. I think we underestimate our legacy and the impact we make on future generations, even the ones we don't know.
I so labor in my thinking about leaving a lasting legacy for my family. This exercise alone should tell me that its all good and to live in the moment. I want my lineage to do better than I have and to move forward from where I am. I will quit worrying about the day at hand and just realize that I am another step in the right direction for my family tree.

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