Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interfaith Marriage

I was checking out blogs at Patheos and there was an article about interfaith marriage on the Evangelical forum there. In the article it contained a statement that said a mainline and evangelical marriage is considered interfaith.
So I guess if a Methodist marries an non-denominational its viewed the same as people of two separate religions marrying. That makes sense since most folks at my old church think we have gone to hell since we went to a mainline Lutheran church.
The mainline churches in my opinion have remained counter cultural and that is why they are declining. Evangelical churches have tapped into the culture wars and consumerist America to attract new members and play it like they have remained true to biblical teachings in spite of liberalism. Sounds like faux news doesn't it?
If I am to remain protestant or a church attender for that matter the mainline is the only option for me. It is nice to be in a space where multiple opinions on an issue reside and everybody doesn't blindly agree. I guess when education and historical perspective are the main focus most people will walk in American society. Most folks want to be entertained and not forced to think hard about anything.
I guess there are stale mainline churches that can be the polar opposite of the religious right cesspools that are out there. For some reason that scenario isn't as offensive to me since I have had enough of the religious right.
So Evangelicals have another thing to be scared about and obsess over. I guess I shouldn't be shocked.

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