Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ecumenical Gathering

In an effort to force myself to get out of the house I attend an ecumeical gathering from time to time. This is always interesting as a new person usually visits for the first time and you have to see where they stand on theological and social issues. Tonight a new guy showed up and right away I smelled the stink of the type from my past.
I played nice and tried to avoid him but for some reason I look like a nice guy to talk to. He sat down next to me and asked where I went to church. Once I told him elca Lutheran of course the smug apology for my current church affiliation and then the gay issue had to come up. After that blew over he was asking for the name of an arthritis drug and I offered up activia as the name. When he didn't get the joke I said you know I was joking it is shit yogurt. Right then he quit talking to me I learned a new tactic, curse in front mr clean the pious pca schmuck. It works better than Raid on a cockroach.

I really try to be nice but the constant slamming of my denomination is getting old. I am going to fight back creatively and make my accuser feel uncomfortable in a relative way. One way to do that is use a curse word. To quote judge Smails from Caddyshack " I didn't want to it do but felt I owed it to him." No longer am I going to get mad and fume anymore, I am going to have a little fun and give back. Our locale is to friendly toward the narrow mindedness of discounting an entire denomination because they dare include all of us in humanity equally.

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