Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3rd Use of the Law in Mosdesty

On my facebook feed comes another link to blog by an evangelical friend. This time it is by a mom who is putting a warning out to all the girls on her sons facebook friends list. I guess her boys can't handle their female friends wearing bathing suits or in tshirts with no bras. The funny thing in all this is the mom has a pic of her boys in bathing suits on her blog posts. So once again in the modesty culture we get the message that boys are uncontrollable beasts and all responsibility lies on the girls.

This type of set up will keep the cycle of porn addicition alive and well in evangelical circles. Which is essential to the survival of the movement and wil make for great embarrassing testimonies in the future. Sure there are girls that dress in revealing clothes to get attention, how does our species keep on? Instead of blocking the girls explain to your sons that they will have to understand that some women use this as a way to get attention from men. As men of course it is eye candy, but at the end of the day the woman you need to choose as a partner needs to have more substance than looks.

So by blocking these girls, you are making immodest dress a forbidden fruit. You are also putting the blame on women for men who are perverts and treat women like a piece of meat. The biggest problem with evangelical culture is the way they handle sex. They make a big deal out of modesty and sexual orientation but never realize how these lofty ideals effect real people.

Maybe the girl you decide to block you befriend and mentor her so she sees more value in herself. Oh that's right, it is much easier to use  law as a prescription for clean living. The law is there to convict us of sinful behavior and beating up people with that never works. It makes great atheists and nones out of those that realize they can follow rules without believing in your fake God.

Keep bragging that you are taking a stand but realize none of us outside of your small group are impressed.

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